Weight Profiling


Are you wondering why it can be difficult for you to lose weight and often challenging to maintain weight loss after a diet? Are you feeling tired and discouraged because no matter how much you exercise you don’t get the results you hoped for?

New research confirms the link between weight gain and the mind. The body expresses solutions to specific unresolved issues through weight gain.

A predisposition to weight gain and overeating is often connected to past emotional stresses that need to be addressed first, in order to benefit from a change of lifestyle or any other modality.

Most times, dieting fails to ensure long-term success. A person can obtain results with proper food intake and exercise, providing their subconscious emotional conflicts and programs, which trigger weight-gain are resolved.

What controls and determines weight gain is based on 4 different profiles one must align in order to create long-term success. This course will permit you to uncover and resolve problems on 4 levels:

  • Emotional Profile: the underlying emotional origins of your weight issue, which relate to past traumas.
  • Inheritance Profile: the cellular memory that promotes weight gain, which is linked to your ancestor’s history including your parents.
  • Psychological Profile: the mental patterns and belief system you are using in order to decide when and what to eat. The way you feel and react around food at a conscious and subconscious level.
  • Behavioral Profile: the lifestyle and eating habits you have put in place in your life and how they are affecting your weight.