the Bio-Breakthrough

                                                   THE BIO-BREAKTHROUGH® – From Limitation to Liberation

                                                                                        New Dates Coming Soon!

Discover the Bio-Breakthrough® program and learn about a cutting-edge process that can completely transform your life. During this workshop, Isabelle Benarous reveals the steps to reprogramming cellular memories and liberating yourself from unwanted subconscious imprints and ancestral traumas. You will discover our true biology as human beings, and learn how you can overcome challenges – in your relationships, career, life direction or emotional well-being – by uncovering their true origins. You will acquire essential skills to master both your health and life issues. Workshop session content alternates between theory and practical application.

You will:

  • Learn about the direct link between emotional distress and health issues
  • Take control of your emotional well-being
  • Liberate yourself from unwanted ancestral and prenatal influences
  • Overcome life challenges by letting go of limiting subconscious imprints
  • Regain the power to create your ultimate life path