“I have been a MD for almost 30 years and have more than 10 years training in many different forms of holistic and vibrational medicine. The work Isabelle so elegantly does in my point of view and personal experience is one of the most needed approach to health as we dive into the third millennium. She brings a true meaning to healing, the one that ripples back generations, heals the present and gives the client a whole new direction to Life. She has been a crucial factor in my own personal healing. I am forever grateful for crossing paths with her.”

– Andrea Vianna, MD, DABHM

“Isabelle, there are not enough words to describe my profound thanks and gratitude for
the work you do. You have such a gift and I know how you are humbly helping so many
people around the world. You have opened my eyes, changed genetic paradigms for
me. I will be returning home a changed person, in a way I never thought could be

– Kirstin Shwandt, PHD, Biologist

Isabelle is a master of her work. Her confidence, her demeanor, her grace and her ability
to convey her ideas about her subject cannot be matched. The amount of healing that
took place during the workshop was amazing and I feel privileged to have witness so
many people open their hearts and shift. I have to say this was by far the best workshop
I attended to date (and I went to many)!”

– Arielle

“Thank you Isabelle for helping me see the programs that were stopping me from moving
forward in my business. I am so grateful for your knowledge and generosity. Your help is

– Karen

“I had the most powerful and life changing experience on the deepest level. I feel
something big has changed in me. I feel liberated! Thank you, Isabelle for all your help
and wisdom!”

– Mark Shore

“After years of therapy with my husband and continuous disappointments, it is the first
time I understand the unconscious reasons behind our struggles. I came home a
different person and our relationship has drastically improved since then. Isabelle
showed me what I could not see on my own. My husband and I are now more
connected than ever and I feel happy in my heart. I will be forever grateful.”

– Sonia Van Den Bosch

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