July, 2020

19JulAll Day20Basics Module 4 — Deconstructing the Past $416.00


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Deconstructing the Past© will focus on the programming factors of illness and on unraveling the links between present and past issues. It will reveal how individual often program illness throughout their life story. You will learn how to undo limiting old imprints related to today’s struggles, symptoms, illnesses, behaviors or lack of personal alignment through the Change of Personal History Pattern. You will be able to reconnect with your younger self and to let go of limiting past memories. You will be able to also learn how to detect and align certain Meta-Programs, which are the filters a person uses to organize the information coming from the exterior world. You will uncover the origin of health disorders related to the skeletal and lymph systems and learn tools for resolution of such issues.


July 19 (Sunday) - 20 (Monday)

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