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Fee for a 1 hour session: $300

What can you expect from a private consultation?

• BioReprogramming®  therapy will permit you to identify the origin of the emotional conflict directly related to the health disorder or behavior that limits you.

• During a BioReprogramming® consultation, you will be guided in order to identify the life events, which are associated to your emotional conflict. A new awareness and a change of perception will permit you to unlock the subconscious programs, which led you to trigger your stress.

Note: Biodeprogramming® is the first step before reprogramming new mental maps (Biodeprogramming® is part of the BioReprogramming® Method ).

• A thorough analysis of your life history, gestational and ancestral programs will permit you to free yourself from old patterns and unwanted imprints.

• You will learn practical tools for resolution, in a safe and caring environment. Through BioReprogramming® you will discover how to master your emotional behavior and use it to manage your level of stress.

• Your participation and commitment will be essential to permit progress. You are the only one having the internal capability to eliminate the problem you are dealing with. BioReprogramming® will provide you with the resources you need to succeed.

• While in the practice of BioReprogramming®, your information will be kept confidential. Services are non-diagnostic and do not include the practice of medicine, neither should they be considered as a substitute for licensed medical or psychological services. It is essential that you continue your medical treatment and follow your prescriptions while experiencing this type of approach.

Private consultations are available in our office in Altadena CA (see location)

Cost: $ 300 for a one-hour session (fee payable 48h before the session).

The consultation’s fee will be fully charged if any cancellation is made less than 48h before the appointment.

It is also possible to schedule a session by phone or on Skype. Please fill out the form below.

Please note: consultations with Isabelle are only available during the times she is not teaching or traveling. Please read the disclaimer below and purchase a consultation providing you fully agree with the following statement:  

The ideas concepts, and opinions expressed in the BioReprogramming Programs are intended for educational purposes only. These programs are offered with the understanding that Isabelle Benarous and the BioReprogramming® Institute, as well as IB Innovations, are not rendering medical advice of any kind, nor are the BioReprogramming Programs or consultations intended to replace medical advice, nor to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any disease, condition, illness, or injury. The techniques and processes offered during consultations are not substitutes for consultations with your professional health-care provider. Buying and participating in the BioReprogramming Programs or having a consultation with Isabelle Benarous does not constitute a professional relationship or professional advice or services. It is recommended that individuals who are experiencing unusual or concerning symptoms, or any symptoms, receive medical care from a licensed physician or other licensed health-care professional. Isabelle Benarous, the BioReprogramming® Institute, and IB Innovations Inc claim no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the material presented by Isabelle Benarous during her consultations or programs.