Autoimmune Diseases: The Underlying Causes

For generations now, we have been conditioned to perceive any unusual biological expression as pathology or malfunction. But the emerging paradigm is one of understanding illness as a meaningful, adaptive program of survival. An autoimmune response is a result of the...

The Link Between Emotional Distress and Health Disorders

It can be seen that a traumatic experience simultaneously engages three levels: the psyche, the brain, and the organ. The stress is alleviated as soon as modification starts in the “target organ”, which metaphorically permits to express the conflict.

Evolving In Consciousness

Very often, we believe that if our external circumstances were to change, our internal stresses would be eliminated. We also tend to react strongly to situations in the environment when they awaken old wounds.

Healing The Past 

Throughout our lives we adopt many values and beliefs, and we make decisions according to our greatest needs. We carry subconscious imprints, which are the mind maps we use to navigate and survive in our environment. Having to adapt to challenging circumstances since our conception, each of us has developed our own elaborate emotional map as well.


Disease can be compared to a biological emergency measure, which increases or decreases the function of an organ in correspondence to an unresolved emotional crisis. Then again, not every individual may have the chance to fully resolve their distress, since it is not always easy to surpass an emotional conflict and life will not necessarily provide an ideal change of circumstances.

When a Child is Born With  an Illness

During the intrauterine period, the fetus is imprinting the emotional conflicts of both parents. A combination of the parents’ emotions and their stresses creates an equation. When both parents undergo the same type of stress at the same time, the imprint is even more powerful. The solution to the stress will often emerge instantly through the embryo at a cellular level.

The Bio-Memorized Cellular Cycles

During his research, the French clinical psychologist Marc Frechet, uncovered the existence of Bio-Memorized Cellular Cycles and empirically demonstrated that events have a tendency to reappear in our lives in accordance with emotional impacts, which are memorized in the holographic system of our brain.


Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, psychologist, teacher and researcher at the university of Nice (France) is a specialist in Transgenerational therapy. She explains how programs can be passed on from one generation to the next and how our life is often reflecting circumstances, traumas and dates of events belonging to antecedent members of our clan.

The Project-Purpose

As human beings, we carry within our subconscious minds the memories of all the stages living beings experienced throughout the course of evolution, thus enabling us to progress and subsist on the planet. Since the beginning of life, programs have been passed on from brain to brain, particularly from parents to offspring, in order to preserve the learning acquired during each experience where survival was at stake.

A Unique Method to Resolve Emotional Distress 

Bioreprogramming® is a method combining in a very unique way, the science of Neuro-Linguistic -Programming, Biological Decoding, The Bio-Memorized cycles, Psycho-Genealogy, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Gestalt therapy among other modalities.

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