Disease can be compared to a biological emergency measure, which increases or decreases the function of an organ in correspondence to an unresolved emotional crisis.  Then again, not every individual may have the chance to fully resolve their distress, since it is not always easy to surpass an emotional conflict and life will not necessarily provide an ideal change of circumstances.  However, for numerous individuals, a resolution can be achieved, whether it is through personal transformation or an environmental change.

           Although a solution based on a shift in the environment is momentarily strong, it may be based on circumstantial changes where one’s problem is transferred to others.  Recovery cannot be dependent upon modifications other individuals make.  In other words, one person cannot be made responsible for the health of another.  

         Since it is our belief system and not our genes that control our health, how could biological healing manifest when we keep the same limiting beliefs and perceptions about our issues or traumas?  If someone cannot digest a situation, what perception has made them feel they cannot digest it, and how much of that perception is a distortion on their part?  How do they filter the world and what are the subconscious imprints that predisposed them to such beliefs and perceptions?  Aside from any personal impacts, how many are imprints from childhood and how many others are directly related to their parents’ stresses during gestation, or even belong to their ancestors?  How can someone free themselves from those hidden stresses if the environment is perceived as responsible for their misfortune? 

         If a woman heals breast cancer based on her reconciliation with her partner after he left her for another woman, what is going to happen if one day down the road he has another affair?  In order to liberate herself from emotional stress, it is apparent that the woman will need resources which are stronger than just the information about her conflict and its expression in the body.  If she continues to perceive her husband and his affair in the same way as before, it simply means she did not surpass the problem.  However, if she learns how to detach, take responsibility, and manifest emotional independence, she could resolve her struggle for good.  In other words the external problem still exists but it does not affect her emotionally anymore.

         It is not due to the discovery of the law of gravity that objects will stop falling if we let them fall.  In other words, it is not just what we know about our biological conflict that will create a shift in our biology and permit healing, but rather what we do about it. 

         True healing comes from a change within oneself and a shift in awareness.

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