When a Child is Born With  an Illness

  During the intrauterine period, the fetus is imprinting the emotional conflicts of both parents.  A combination of the parents’ emotions and their stresses creates an equation.  When both parents undergo the same type of stress at the same time, the imprint is even more powerful.  The solution to the stress will often emerge instantly through the embryo at a cellular level.  A disorder often starts in utero, in alignment with the emotions that both parents share.  This allows for an immediate biological solution to be expressed through the future offspring.  In a peculiar way, the parents’ unmanageable stress is alleviated through a download from their brains directly to the embryo’s body.  In order to understand this phenomenon, it is important to remember that during pregnancy the survival of the parents prevail and that is why the parents’ well being is primary. The parents’ emotional distress is lowered by subconsciously downloading the stress to the embryo.

         As an example, one of my clients in Paris came to me for the purpose of improving her relationship with her husband.  She had brought her son along with her to the session.  He was twelve years old and was born deaf.  The woman had always wondered why her son had been afflicted with such condition.  I asked her to tell me what had happened during her pregnancy that was related to hearing.  It turns out that while being pregnant she had ear infections and did not take care of them properly.  When she finally went to a doctor, her infections were so bad that he thought she might lose her hearing. For quite some time, both this woman and her husband feared that she might become deaf.

         As always, the brain will express the perfect solution to eliminate stress.  If one is on a bike with an intense fear of falling, it will trigger a general discharge of the sympathetic nervous system. Consequently, the brain will need to provide the ultimate solution to interrupt the stress.  The solution to the fear of falling off a bike is to actually fall!  Once on the ground, the fear of falling no longer exists.  In a similar way, during that intense phase of stress related to the fear of becoming deaf, the presence of the embryo provided a way to alleviate this particular fear: it developed an ear impairment and subsequently was born deaf. 

         It has been observed that when the parents have the same distress at the same time, the child might be born with a biological dysfunction that corresponds precisely to the emotional conflict the parents struggled with. However, if only one parent has a conflict, then a related disease might manifest later on in the offspring’s life.

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