The Bio-Memorized Cellular Cycles

During his research, the French clinical psychologist Marc Frechet, uncovered the existence of Bio-Memorized Cellular Cycles and empirically demonstrated that events have a tendency to reappear in our lives in accordance with emotional impacts, which are memorized in the holographic system of our brain.

The duration of a cycle is determined according to the age an individual becomes autonomous and capable of providing for oneself. This specific moment of independence is considered to be a recurrence of “birth” by the brain. When we are born, we move away from the security of the womb. Similarly, when we become autonomous, we move away from the security of home and metaphorically “go out in the world.”

For example, a young woman who starts her first job at the age of 19 years and 3 months, rents her own apartment, and is in all respects completely independent from her parents, will repeat from that time on, cycles of 19 years and 3 months. Her subconscious mind might attract circumstances to replay significant events from the “recorded tape” (events imprinted by the brain during the first cycle, from the time of birth until the age of 19 years and 3 months). For example, if she had surgery at 10 years old, she might have another surgery at 29 years and 3 months old (19 years old and 3 months +10 years). If at 12 years old she received an award as the best student in her class, she might re-live a similar experience at 31 years and 3 months old (19 years old and 3 months +12 years) when given an award for best sales person of the year by her company.

This amazing discovery of cyclical recurrence of life events, which has been verified by hundreds of therapists and their clients, permits us to understand that such repetitions in our lives are not due to hazard but rather a “co-incidence” of events related to certain dates and our cellular memory. Once we become aware of such cycles, it is possible to free ourselves from certain repetitions of unwanted events. What is unlocked from the depth of our subconscious mind won’t then materialize as fate…

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