How much free will do we have and how much of the scenario of our lives is our own?

Did you know you could entirely modify your life patterns and achieve emotional healing by uncovering the stresses and programs passed on to you by previous generations?

Anne Ancelin Schutzenberger, psychologist, teacher and researcher at the university of Nice (France) is a specialist in Transgenerational therapy. She explains how programs can be passed on from one generation to the next and how our life is often reflecting circumstances, traumas and dates of events belonging to antecedent members of our clan.

It appears we are not as free as we might think and we often express an invisible loyalty to our ancestors.  What we call coincidences, such as the repetition of deaths at a certain age, separations, divorces, births, illnesses, and professional failures, are often related to unresolved stresses which reappear in our lives and will reappear in the lives of subsequent generations in order to be addressed and liberated.  Freud described a similar phenomenon as “the return of elements that should have been surmounted a long time ago by our ancestors” (Das Unheimlich, 1919), when he interpreted the repetitive nightmares of descendants of war survivors and the horrors they endured. 

Biogenealogy permits to identify the transmission of programs which may lead to health disorders. Illness is sometimes the result of a biological expression related to the emotional distress belonging to a member of the clan, such as a parent, grand parent, great grand parent, uncle or aunt (great uncle or great aunt)… If an ancestor could not find a satisfying solution to an emotional conflict during his/her lifetime, the stress created by that specific conflict can circulate from one generation to the next and express itself through the offspring, by way of a health disorder, a behavior, or an event. Illness is often rooted to a conflict that has not been resolved for an ancestor. Fortunately, healing is often possible through the awareness of such unresolved emotional “ancient stress”.

Biogenealogy throws a new light on the astonishing coincidences within generations of families, their stories and recurrence of similar events. Through Biogenealogy we can understand that none of our circumstances happen by accident nor luck, but in fact are well programmed by our subconscious brain and the archives it contains.

When an old conflict has been passed down to a clan member, healing is often possible through the awareness of such unresolved emotional stress.  We can now understand how illness is often rooted at a more innate level than the personal circumstances of an individual during his or her lifetime. Biogenealogy allows us to see under a different light the predisposition we may have to certain health disorders, and to address them by understanding ancestral stories and the emotional imprints they have created.

It is possible to acquire more freedom in our lives by understanding the root of our limiting  subconscious programs and utilizing proper tools to eliminate them.

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