Isabelle Benarous founded the Bioreprogramming® Institute in 2007. Her background as a trainer in the science of Biological Decoding and Neuro-linguistic- programming (certified INLPTA), led her to develop the practical technology of Bioreprogramming®. Isabelle’s synthesis offers a comprehensive approach based on the science of human evolution and the processes of the mind. The purpose of the Bioreprogramming® method is to offer lasting solutions for emotional conflicts, optimize the prevention of illness and allow transformation from within. Isabelle is the author of the book Break The Code Of Your Illness, which offers a comprehensive and powerful overview about the origin of illness.

Isabelle currently has a private practice at the Healing Arts Center of Altadena in Southern California. She has been offering long-term certification programs for many years and has certified many practitioners worldwide. Isabelle’s ongoing commitment to integrating new research and developments regarding the processes of the mind, allows her programs to be to on the cutting edge of the healing arts.

Isabelle Benarous offers a variety of seminars that cover a broad range of topics including: Bioreprogramming®, NLP, Personal Development, Leadership, Communication Skills, Weight Management, Addictions, and Family Conflict Resolution, among others. Isabelle is acclaimed for her clear explanations, creativity and strategic intellect while conducting live interventions during her seminars. Her goal is to educate and inspire others to become the masters of their own healing and to offer therapists a new perspective in approaching illness.

Isabelle has built an outstanding reputation with a number of health service organizations throughout the world such as: A Better World (New York), ITPE (France), IDCOM International (Canada), Cornerstone Progressive Health (Nebraska), Motion Picture and Television Fund (California), Esalen Institute (Big Sur), UCLA (California).