BioReprogramming® is a groundbreaking method that will give you the opportunity to transform your life. Through live and online trainings, the mission of the BioReprogramming® Institute is to bring a new level of awareness regarding physical and emotional health. Through a deeper understanding of how our body really operates from a biological and subconscious point of view, BioReprogramming® permits you to unlock the deeply rooted personal, gestational and ancestral programs which create limitations to your well-being. Such subconscious programs need to be liberated so we can evolve in consciousness, achieve a high state of health, live life on our own terms and ultimately reach our full potential.


BioReprogramming® is a ground-breaking method, which permits the resolution of emotional conflicts linked to health disorders and to eliminate subconscious programs related to life challenges. Read more

Break The Code Of Your Illness

Break The Code Of Your Illness, the link between emotional distress and health disorders will give you the opportunity to look at illness with a new awareness. Isabelle Benarous, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Trainer, offers in this book a synthesis of major breakthroughs regarding the origin of health disorders.